Frequently Asked Questions

What does a camping wedding entail?

Essentially, it will be your typical outdoor wedding, but with a few more rural amenities and a longer stay time than your typical wedding.

Do we have to stay the entire time?

No! The actual ceremony and reception are on Saturday, we just want to give people the option to come before and stay after due to the long commute for many!

Where is the nearest city?

Fresno, CA (68 mi / 1.5 hours away) - which is also the location of the nearest airport. However, there are small towns about 45 minutes away from the campground.

How do I get there?

Coming from Northern CA - Take the 580 to the 120 to the 99 to the 180. (approx. 5 hours from the Bay Area)

Coming from Southern CA - Take the 5 to the 99 to the 180. (approx. 4.5 hours from the Los Angeles area)

Coming in from out of state - Fly into Southern or Northern California and follow one of the above two steps.

Or just ask Google Maps to take you here.

Can I bring an RV?

Yes, absolutely! We have a limit of 25 vehicles at the grounds, however, so please list that you are bringing an RV on the carpooling list. Trailers are also welcome and do not count as a second vehicle.

What amenities does the campground have?

Bear lockers, campfire rings, (vault) toilets, drinking water, parking, and plenty of open space!

Please keep in mind, the campsite has none of the following:


RV hook up's

Sink's (ample hand sanitizer and wet wipes will be available)

Is there anything we need to bring?

Please refer to the Camping Kit flyer posted under the 'Details' section. If you are missing something or can't bring something due to travel limitations, please post in the Facebook group for the wedding and someone might be able to bring extras of what you need!

Firewood must be purchased within forest to prevent the spread of invasive species of parasites and fungi.

How can we get food on the days before and after the ceremony?

Breakfast and coffee will be available to camping guests each day.

For other meals, there are limited restaurants in the area, so we recommend bringing typical camping food: granola, oatmeal, sandwich makings, etc.

Is the campsite safe from wild animals?

Yes! The Sierra National Forest website has a detailed section on how to keep your campground safe from bears here! The campsite will have multiple bear lockers that are built in a way that, when stored properly, your food is completely inaccessible.

Mountain lion attacks in high activity areas are very rare! We are going to be a large group of campers, so have no fear! We will also have noise makers on the off chance that a bold animal strays a bit too close.

Will there be an open bar?

We are serving home-brewed beer and a selection of wine. You are welcome to BYOB for yourself and others (if you wish), but we will not be serving hard liquor.

Are kids allowed?

Unfortunately we will not be allowing anyone under the age of 16 to attend due to safety concerns. We apologize for this large inconvenience and understand if this affects your ability to attend. We love each and every one of our little family members and wish we could have them.

Dress code?

We want you to be comfortable! Of course, during the ceremony we would appreciate everyone dressing up a little bit, but comfort is king and we'll be in the great outdoors. Sandals are completely okay and jeans are fine. During the reception when the sun starts to go down, please have something available to cover up with as it will be chilly! We'll have a large tent where guests can change clothes as needed into the evening.

If anything, please avoid high heels as the ground will be uneven in areas

What will the weather be like?

It will be nice and warm (72 degrees) during the day and cold (49 degrees) during the night, so please pack appropriately!

Please direct any other questions to the Facebook Group! If that isn't an option, call or email the bride or groom as applies.